Rice Bran Wax

Rice Bran Wax The main components of rice bran wax are aliphatic acids (wax acids) and higher alcohol esters. The aliphatic acids consist of palmitic acid (C16), behenic acid (C22), lignoceric acid (C24), other wax acids, (C26) etc. The higher alcohol esters consist of ceryl alcohol (C26), melissyl alcohol (C30), etc. Rice bran wax also contains unsaponifiable constituents such as free fatty acids (palmitic acid), squalene and phospholipids.

Rice bran wax is used in paper coating, textiles, explosives, fruit & vegetable coatings, pharmaceuticals, candles, moulded novelties, electric insulation, textile and leather sizing, waterproofing, carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, printing inks, lubricants, crayons, adhesives, chewing gum and cosmetics.